American intelligence, said the emergence of “Poseidon” in the armed forces

Американская разведка назвала сроки появления "Посейдонов" в ВС РФ

US intelligence called the minimum start date of receipt serial unmanned submarine in service with the Russian army, according to CNBC.

Television has learned that intelligence reports appears in 2027. Sources familiar with intelligence reports, named this date as the earliest possible.

The journalists recalled that the United States yet similar devices – we are talking about the submarine, which is difficult to calculate, and which produces a nuclear drone, which are difficult to bring down. One of the sources said that Moscow is considering “Poseidon” in response to the possible decommissioning of its nuclear forces.

“Russia strongly rely on the use of Autonomous machines nuclear submarine with nuclear weapons as a response, if during the war would deprive them of the ability to launch Soviet nuclear weapons,” he said.

Earlier, a source in the defense industry called the first media for “of Poseidon”.