American low carbohydrate diet: how to lose weight 7 kg in a week

Американская углеводная диета: как похудеть на 7 кг за неделю

American nutritionists suggested effective diet for weight loss after which the lost weight does not return even six months later. While not do not eat sweet and flour, and do not have to exhaust yourself with exercise in the gym. It is no secret that the best body lose weight without stress, in a calm state.

The new American method of losing weight has been called the “Third world diet”. In its principles there is something similar with the famous Dukan diet, which denies all the principles of healthy Mediterranean food, when the basis of the diet are seafood. American diet does not exclude from the menu carbs and large portions, the main principle is eating strictly on time.

Sample diet for “third world diet”:

Breakfast: maximum light foods, no complex carbs. You can get coffee with cake, or eat cottage cheese with a glass of juice. The amount should be 300 kcal, which is quite enough for a couple of hours of cheerfulness and satiety.

Afternoon tea: the exceptionally complex carbohydrates, 350 calories. You can eat a serving of buckwheat cereal, or grain grains, meat and salad.

Lunch: vegetable salad, grilled fish and meat. Calorie dinner can make 250-350 calories. So if you eat a little, feel free to have a snack lunch cookie to gain calories.

Dinner: Eggs, fish, chicken, squid, mushrooms and beans – the main products of evening diet that we should eat 2 hours before bedtime. Food should always be protein. For dinner you need to eat about 300 calories.

On this diet a week you can throw up to 7 kg of excess weight. Such a “week weight loss” you can have a monthly. Nutritionists recommend for best effect to drink water half an hour before a meal to concurrently rid the body of unnecessary toxins.

Американская углеводная диета: как похудеть на 7 кг за неделю

Американская углеводная диета: как похудеть на 7 кг за неделю

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