American said, about writing the Mask. It receives messages instead

Американка рассказала, о чем пишут Маску. Она получает сообщения вместо него

She recently received a message from former head of Walt Disney, John Lasseter, who admired Tesla bought them.

Lindsay Tucker of San Jose, USA, for several years, constantly gets calls and messages, not addressed to anyone else, and to Elon musk. This, in Thursday, may 21, according to NRP.

The publication says that the number that regularly come messages for the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, the girl acquired a few years ago. After some time, she noticed that it constantly ask “Ilon”. Thus, according to Lindsay, she had no idea who “this guy”.

“I told my mom that I receive all the messages addressed to the Mask, but don’t even know who he is. At this point her jaw dropped,” – said the girl.

According to Tucker, in these few years she had lots of strange messages. For example, people talked about their willingness to go into space. And Tucker even got a project of bionic prosthesis.

The reporters found that the room Lindsey Tucker informed really belonged to the Mask. Found it through the announcement of the sale of the apartment, which the businessman had published many years ago.

The newspaper also asked the owner if he remembers about this room.

“Wow! It’s such an old room! Amazing that they still have someone use it,” said Musk.

Lindsay Tucker jokes that every time Elon musk in the news, she sure looks.

“To know what I’m going to ask next call or message,” said the girl.