American scientists have discovered a terrible sign of impending disaster

Американские ученые обнаружили страшное свидетельство надвигающейся катастрофы

On Earth began a new mass extinction. Reporters found that “FR s”, to such conclusion the group of scientists, analyzing the state of the corals.

As reported by Newsweek, researchers from the City University of new York compared the modern types of polyps with those that disappeared with the dinosaurs. “When we finally brought all the data together, the results forced to move hair on my head,” said marine biologist David Gruber, noting that the current corals behave in the same way as 66 million years ago, when the world disappeared all the dinosaurs.

Over the last 30 years on Earth disappeared more than half of all coral reefs. Scientists attribute this to climate change on our planet. Survive only those corals that managed to avoid extinction and in those ancient time. Thus, according to Gruber, they pass into the mode of existence before the disaster.

“I think this is a very powerful signal,” said the scientist..

As reported by “DF a”, in October 2018 American scientists have recorded a sharp reduction in the number of arthropods in Puerto Rico – 60 times in 40 years. Thus decreased and the number of animals for which these insects served as food. In particular, the population of lizards was reduced by 30%, frogs – 50%, and some species of birds were almost extinct.

A few months later, scientists from the Finnish Museum of natural history has announced the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history for half a billion years.