American scientists named the most dangerous product in the world – 24 Channel

Американські вчені назвали найнебезпечніший продукт у світі - 24 Канал

Sodas with artificial sweeteners which are considered to be dietary, seriously increase the risk of stroke and dementia.

This was reported by experts at the American heart Association, reports “Commander in chief”.

They conducted a study, which found that the most harmful to human body product, you can count diet soda.

Eating at least one can of soda “sugar-free” on the day of the person increases three times the risk of stroke and 2.9 times the risk of developing dementia,
– scientists say.

And it is harmful because instead of sugar in diet soda can add various artificial sweeteners. In particular, aspartame, which, when applied to the human body, it breaks down into phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol that are toxic to the body.

Американські вчені назвали найнебезпечніший продукт у світі - 24 Канал

Aspartame tends to accumulate in the brain and cause abnormal activity of nerve cells. In addition, it provides a significant toxic load on the liver and promotes the accumulation of toxic buildup in the intestinal tract.

In addition, soft drinks contain acid, increased the content of which in the body leads to rapid aging, inflammation and tissue destruction.

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