AMKR proposes to use a waste production in the construction of concrete roads in Ukraine

АМКР предлагает использовать отходы метпроизводства при строительстве бетонных дорог в Украине

“ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” got the test results of the experimental plot concrete road, the press service of the company.

Tests and measurements conducted special laboratory of the company “Heidelbergbeton Ukraine”. Tests showed that concrete made from wastes of metallurgical production slags, is not inferior in strength to the classic concrete based on crushed granite and sand.

AMKR recalled that in September 2018 enterprise on its territory was built for investigations of experimental road section on the principle of a puff pie. Underlying the bottom layer of blast furnace slag coarse fraction, the upper small. All layers were compacted and covered with a waterproofing layer – a special film. Over the “pillow” set of random reinforcing cages of rebar that was poured with concrete. The concrete for this experiment used three types – classic, based on granite crushed stone and sand and special, made on the basis of dump blast-furnace and steelmaking slags.

Section of the road was divided into three zones, each of which filled a certain kind of concrete in order to subsequently assess the degree of impacts from changes in temperature and load of heavy traffic.

Laboratory testing was conducted in April 2019 in accordance with the state standard. The method of elastic rebound showed that concrete based on blast furnace slag corresponds to 103% of the standard strength used brands of heavy concrete, and on the basis of the steelmaking and 109%.

The press service also noted that in the United States, China, Brazil, Japan and many other countries slag use in road construction. In Ukraine, the road base of slag in 2.5-3 times cheaper than of crushed granite, which is mined in quarries.

According to expert estimates, the modern cement-concrete road is already cheaper than asphalt. In addition, they are more resistant to wear. If the asphalt in need of repair after 4-7 years of use, the concrete service life is from 20 to 30 years.

Formerly “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” left with the initiative about changes in the regulatory framework of Ukraine. Has been updated a number of standards that now allow the use of ferrous slags in the production of heavy concrete. Including a new state standard for the design of roads, through which was actually legalized the construction of concrete roads using slag.

“Concerning the use of metallurgical slag across the country, the prospects, in my opinion, huge – only “ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog” in the dumps is 50 million cubic meters of slag. You need only a substantial interest of the state and private developers that will respond and will support our initiative. For a start it would be helpful to Ukraine to simplify the procedure for issuing various permits for road reconstruction, replacing asphalt pavement on concrete and to prepare model projects. To provide equal opportunity to participate in the repair of local roads not only traffic, but also construction companies and even private entrepreneurs with experience working with concrete. Such steps at the state level are real reforms for the people”, – said the Deputy Director of the Department of investment and engineering “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” Andrey Babenko.

АМКР предлагает использовать отходы метпроизводства при строительстве бетонных дорог в Украине