An-225 “Mriya” started test flights after the upgrade

Ан-225 "Мрия" начал испытательные полеты после модернизации

The largest and most powerful in the world transport aircraft an-225 “Mriya” after the modernization began test flights.

About this “Antonov” reported in Facebook.

“Ан225 performs test flights after the upgrade. In particular, installed a new control system for the power plant of Ukrainian origin”, – stated in the message.

“Mriya” flight March 25 for the first time after a long break. Test flight was carried out over the territories of Rivne and Zhytomyr regions.

On account of “Mriya” – more than 200 records recorded by the International aeronautical Federation and the Guinness Book of records. In particular, in 2001, the giant broke the absolute record of lifting capacity, lifting of 253.8 tonnes of cargo to a height of 10700 m.

The plane created by the Antonov design Bureau in 1988 And belongs to the category of super-heavy transport aircraft. The empty weight of the vessel is 250 tons, length – 84 meters, height of 18,1 m, wingspan of 88,4 m. Each of the main landing gear has seven pairs of wheels.