An angry bear beat the American to death (photo)

Разъяренный медведь избил американца до полусмерти (фото)

A bear got into the house, standing in the forest, and started to host in the kitchen. The owner tried to lure the intruder. In the end, the man escaped bear slap and was in the hospital, and wild beast fled. Reported by ABC News, reports “Correspondent”.

A resident of the U.S. state of Colorado Dave Chernosky in your own kitchen found a huge bear. After meeting with a predator, the man had deep scars on the face, neck, ear, back.

54-year-old American said that his house stands on the edge surrounded by forest. He woke up early in the morning from strange sounds.

I went into the kitchen and saw the bear. He had already rummaged through the refrigerator, cabinets and other places

He started to make noise in the garage, a beast of prey became interested and went to the sound. But at the door something scared and he attacked the master of the house.

As soon as we looked at each other, he immediately hit me… and after I get out of the way and started shouting, he ran away

After the “dialogue” with the bear Cherneski went to the hospital where he got stitches.

Разъяренный медведь избил американца до полусмерти (фото)