An astronaut, a clown or firefighter: Berinchyk offers fans to guess your way to the next battle

Космонавт, клоун или пожарный: Беринчик предлагает угадать фанатам свой образ на следующий бой

Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchik is famous for its unusual exits to Boxing matches. For each such output, a Ukrainian thinks a special way.

He was already a prisoner, Super Mario, went on horseback. The next fight the winner of the title of international champion under version WBO lightweight champion Denis Berinchyk will hold on April 20 in Kyiv sports Palace. While it is still unknown who will fight Ukrainian.

For this fight Berinchyk’s already found a way. But guess it offers to its fans. In the comments under his message there are first options. Among them an astronaut, a doctor, insane, clown, hero of the series “Game of thrones” and others.

The winner will receive a personal suit against Denys Berinchyk.