An empty wallet or deficiency: which fruits and vegetables will have to fork out this summer

Пустой кошелек или авитаминоз: на какие овощи и фрукты придется раскошелиться этим летом

Early strawberries and cherries in Ukraine in June has risen to historical values, and a significant part of the harvest of apples and apricot died because of frost. Where the Ukrainians will buy vegetables and fruits, which ones can be scarce, and which may even be cheaper in 2020?

In late may, the market stalls and supermarkets began to zastavlyaya beloved Ukrainians strawberries, which were not expensive: first wishing to enjoy fresh berries had to pay ninety-one hryvnia per kilogram. Appeared and cherries for exorbitant prices – more than a hundred hryvnia per kilo. Although in June the fruits and berries began traditionally become cheaper, prices for the majority of Ukrainians still bite.

“Prices for fruits and berries in Ukraine are at a historically high level,” – say the analysts of Ukrainian fruit and vegetable Association (UPOA).

So, today the price of strawberries is about two to three times more than last year. Average prices start from forty hryvnia per kilo of low-quality berries, and seventy hryvnia per kilogram good strawberries. The main reason for this, according to experts UPOA become frozen in the second half of may, which destroyed a significant part of the berries.

Market participants are already talking about the fact that the strawberry crop will be the worst for the last few years, and prices will remain at a high level.

The same “Golden” was in the early summer cherries, the bulk of the harvest which died as a result of spring frosts. Low temperatures particularly affected the early varieties of cherries: according to preliminary data, killing up to ninety percent of the expected harvest. This explains the sky-high prices for cherries in early summer fruit are simply too little, and traders is not so easy to buy them in bulk for sale in the market.

In addition, the beginning of summer in Ukraine, prices increased winter apples – to thirty or more hryvnias for kilogram, which was not even in the winter. Affected coronavirus: Ukrainians in quarantine buy these affordable and healthy fruits, so today the stocks of apples in storage local growers virtually exhausted. On the market are mainly imported fruit, prices are creeping up due to increased demand in Europe, where there are also problems with the summer harvest.

According to analysts of the project “APK-inform: vegetables and fruits”, the gross harvest of apples in Ukraine in 2020 may slightly grow, as many young orchards will come into bearing. But gardeners do not share this optimism regarding the growth of Apple crop from the same spring frosts.

“Growers in Western Ukraine say that the harvest will decline by 30-40 percent. Some talk about the losses of even up to 60-70 percent of the crop in their gardens. In addition to the loss of volume of the crop, the frost will also have a negative impact on the quality of the apples, and, hence, they will be stored worse,” – said the Deputy Director of the “Bukovina garden” Yaroslav Fedoryshyn.

If not a miracle happens, the price of scarce apples of the new harvest will be relevant.

In the near future on the Ukrainian market to increase the supply of imported apricots from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Spain, which now you can buy eighty hryvnia per kilogram, and the price of foreign fruit will eventually go down.

“Unfortunately, orchards of apricot in Ukraine also suffered heavily from frost, and harvest their own stone fruit would be very low. Of course, what to expect lowest price on apricots this season also is not necessary” – the Director for development of UPOA Ekaterina Zvereva.

It is possible that a single item, which this year will fall, will be traditionally expensive blueberries. She also suffered from the cold, the harvest of these berries in Ukraine may be larger than usual because of the increased under the blueberry squares.

Without dessert, but with the soup

“Potato production in the current season to grow, so a good season for potatoes falls in Ukraine not more often than once in four or five years,” – said the Director of “Agrico Ukraine” Mykola hordiychuk.

According to him, farmers in 2020 has everything to get a solid crop of potatoes, and no reason to price it in the new season were high. According to experts, not only to professional growers, but the main cultivator of potatoes in the country – population – significantly expanded the area under these important for our citizens vegetables.

At the same time, analysts warn that the production of key Ukrainian borscht beet in this and subsequent years will be reduced. This vegetable crop, unfortunately, causes the least interest among the farmers and do not export and consumption of beet in the country is reduced.

“But the domestic market is likely to be provided with beets in sufficient quantity,” – says the expert of “APK-inform” Alexander Horev.

Now coming to the end of season imported Turkish tomatoes, which are much cheaper Ukrainian greenhouse. At the beginning of June, the price of tomatoes in Ukraine almost a quarter higher than a year earlier, and sometimes exceed fifty hryvnia per kilo. Lower prices for the products of the national greenhouse complexes in the near future do not plan, because the harvest of vegetables is fairly limited, and the demand kept at a high level.

But the hot sun in early summer and good hydration of the soil indicate that Ukraine expects a good crop of tomato “from the garden” is true, farmers will start to collect them until August.

As for the other vegetables borsch set, such as onions, cabbage and carrots, but this year no new threats to crops does not arise. Speaking of prices, it can be argued that in 2020, the soup will still be the most affordable of healthy vegetable dishes.

According to the wholesale market of agricultural products (APIU) “SHUVAR”, the average wholesale onion prices in the first half of June reached 13 hryvnia per kg, potato (old crop) – 9 hryvnias, and beets – 10 hryvnia, carrots – 7 hryvnia, the cabbage – 4,50 UAH, tomatoes – about 35 UAH, early garlic – 60 hryvnia per kilogram.

UNIAN estimated that, thus, the average pot of vegetable soup at the rate of 200 grams onions, beets and carrots, 300 grams of tomatoes and cabbage, one pound of potatoes and 50 grams of garlic will cost at least UAH 26.

Nature has no bad weather

It’s hard to call the weather conditions are favourable 2020: vegetables and orchards in winter has experienced a drought in the spring – a sudden frost, and in summer, heavy rains and hail began to pluck twigs with still green fruit.

As reported the UNIAN, the head of agrometeorology Tatyana Adamenko, June’s hot sun and heat have a positive impact on the maturation of most kinds of vegetables, fruits and berries.

“Now on the territory of Ukraine are observed favorable conditions for ripening strawberries, “survivor” after the frosts of cherries, and in the South for peach orchards. High, but a mild temperature and the sun is going to be good on cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables,” – said the expert.

Adamenko said that although rains had a positive impact on the growth of fruit trees – apples, apricot and cherry, who died at freezing the harvest they will not return.

Plantation crops such as currants, raspberries, blueberries, and so forth, gradually getting back to normal after low temperatures in late may. Their condition has also improved the rain, without which crops to speak would not have to.

“The situation with cherries is very unpleasant, for stone is good. The plant affects all, then we must look at the dynamics. The perfect year is very rare. I would not make any apocalyptic predictions” – said the expert of the “Ukrainian agribusiness club” Volodymyr Lapa.

According to Ukrgidromettsentra, in General, the June 2020 will be favorable for most crops, soil temperature and air will be slightly above normal, and rainfall is estimated at 80-100 percent of normal precipitation in June.

The harvest of vegetables, fruits and berries this summer will not beat the record, unless price. And in post-quarantine conditions of forced savings to eat enough is unlikely, but a bit healthier “vitamins” Ukrainians will be able to accurately.

Anna Nagornaya

Пустой кошелек или авитаминоз: на какие овощи и фрукты придется раскошелиться этим летом

Пустой кошелек или авитаминоз: на какие овощи и фрукты придется раскошелиться этим летом

Пустой кошелек или авитаминоз: на какие овощи и фрукты придется раскошелиться этим летом