An expensive vehicle is involved in an unusual accident

Дорогой автомобиль попал в необычное ДТП

In Kiev, the BMW car stuck on a concrete shield installed to limit movement.

The corresponding photo published on Facebook page “Spinaloga”.

“Make of the car will not prompt? Something hard to see! And the signature needs to invent themselves”, – has signed a snapshot of the author of the publication.

Users responded to the invitation.

“BMW incubates the eggs. Soon there will be little BMWшички”, “Prince the peas”, “the Driver BMWшки, very worried for the condition of the hemispheres! So I decided to cover them from the scorching sun!”, – the irony of commentators.

However, there is another opinion.

“Gray hemisphere on the gray asphalt right on the dash line. Well, this, sample races***dyaystva road including”, “He seems simply not noticed. Why are the hemispheres on the roadway there?”, – posted by other users.