An interesting project to install solar power plants in Europe

Интересный проект по установке солнечных электростанций в Европе

The idea of the project is to build over the highways sheds and cover them with solar modules to generate electricity.

In Europe began a research project “PV-SUD” evaluation of the potential and prospects of the solar power stations on motorways. It is conducted by the Austrian Institute of technology (AIT), the German Institute for solar energy systems (FraUnhofer ISE) and the company Forster IndUstrietechnik GmbH.

The idea of the project is to build over the highways canopies and cover of their solar modules. For example, in Germany about 13 thousand kilometers of highways, covering approximately 2.6% of the country. If you set over them in solar modules, the total area of this “plant” will be approximately 337 square kilometers.

The project participants are planning to use for the installation of a translucent photovoltaic panel. They are a little smaller than usual for efficiency, but do not turn the road into a dark tunnel.

In addition to producing electricity, the solar roof can bring other benefits, such as to protect the roadbed from rain and overheating, increasing service life. In addition, using the appropriate design, you can get additional sound proofing.

According to estimates, in Germany on the autobahn you can install a total of 56 GW of solar power plants, more than installed in the country today. This additional power is able to generate 47 TWh of electricity per year, or approximately 9% of current electricity consumption in the country.

It is noted that the first phase of the project will be developed the concept with the selection of suitable solar panels and designed a prototype cover. In the second phase, the prototype is equipped with measuring devices that will be installed “in the field” and tested in operational mode during the year.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Sweden, building a road to charge electric vehicles. The system will charge the cars driving on the road electric cars on the principle of electromagnetic induction.