An ode to the Japanese car industry in Los Angeles

Ода японскому автопрому в Лос-Анджелесе

Veronica Doval

The history of the automotive industry in Japan presents two parallel exhibitions in Los Angeles. They demonstrate how the US and Japan influenced each other in the design of new machines. Collected in the collections of the cars reflect the most characteristic features of Japanese design philosophy. Visitors can see iconic cars, including the first Toyota, and learn how Japanese cars were among the most popular in the world.

Leslie Kendall, chief historian of the automobile Museum of Petersen in Los Angeles: “Henry Ford invented the Assembly line, but the Japanese improved Assembly methods. It is they who have introduced a special standard of punctuality for deliveries – right on time which was filled with warehouses and allows us to achieve maximum efficiency in production. In addition, they invested heavily in their people, their health, their peace of mind. They had a holistic approach to auto manufacturing, which eventually became really famous.”

In the early years Japanese cars were considered cheap and poorly designed. But their quality is constantly improved, and in 70-e years they have started to conquer markets all over the world. To see some of the first models of Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda will be possible until April of the following year in a Car Museum of Petersen in Los Angeles.

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