An unpleasant surprise: the publisher blocks the Steam keys for the game Metro: Exodus

Неприятный сюрприз: издатель блокирует Steam-ключи к игре Metro: Exodus

After the news that the game Metro: Exodus will be a temporary exclusive Epic Games Store, the keys to the Steam version of the shooter began to “scatter, as hot pies”. However, not everyone is as lucky: the publisher has locked a portion of codes, which in his opinion had been obtained illegally.

As reported by vg247, the official statement from Deep Silver appeared on the page Metro: Exodus a few days ago, however, a heated discussion has still not subsided.

What motivated this decision? The company explained its decision by the fact that the codes were stolen from the factory, which produced print, and then sold to informal intermediaries. The stolen keys have been disabled and your copy of Metro, obtained at their expense, removed from users ‘ libraries.

The reaction of gamers. In comments to the statement, gamers have divided into two camps. Some believe that to buy goods at the informal sites and to support fraud is wrong, no matter how much you wanted to get the Steam version.

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Others believe that the players should not suffer due to the fact that the Corporation did not keep track of what is happening in the workplace. In addition, some doubt the honesty of Deep Silver. According to users, the representatives of the stores where you purchased the keys were promised compensation in the form of codes for Epic Games, which was provided by the publisher specifically for this situation.

Who was selling legal keys? Another argument against the company – no direct charges of a specific plant and the perpetrator of the incident.

Deep Silver do not specify the names of sites that spread illegal codes, but noted that the only authorized sellers were Humble Bundle and Razer Game Store.

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