Anastasia Volochkova was fined for violation of quarantine (video)

Анастасию Волочкову оштрафовали за нарушение карантина (видео)

Famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova was fined 20 thousand rubles (about 8 thousand) for the visit to closed to quarantine the village.

Last month “the prima ballerina of all Russia” (as she called herself during the arrest) made his way to Nizhny Novgorod Diveyevo through the forest despite the closed passage. She prayed in the churches, talked to people, and then met militiamen who gave her a fine for violation of quarantine.

Itself Volochkova said that until recently, we thought that it was a hoax. They say, vacationing with friends, no waiting, as the house was raided by police. The ballerina was in a food store without a mask and gloves, not tailgating.

Anastasia denies everything.

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