Anatoly Sukhanov: the ring me manage the adrenaline and stress

Анатолій Суханов: на рингу мною керують адреналін та стрес

The Ukrainian, who became the first in the championship in Thai Boxing, weight loss, training in Thailand and “ttook”.

The triumph of the Ukrainian Anatoly Sukhanov, the championship of Europe on Thai Boxing in Prague. Our fighter became a champion in weight category to 86 kg. 21-year-old Sukhanov quite confidently reached the finals, and in the final battle defeated Russian Mikhail Sartakova, the newspaper “Express”.

This is the first gold medal of the Euro in the collections of 21-year-old athlete. Previously, he was twice bronze medalist of the world forum, and now ascended to the highest step of the podium.

— I am very happy! Very happy — said “Express” Anatoly Sukhanov. In the Czech Republic spent a wonderful and extremely heavy fighting. Especially difficult was the meeting with the Russian Sartakovo. The opponent had much more loud encouragement from the audience, but I heard the single the kind words from his fellow countrymen. They stimulated me to go forward.

Fortunately, I won all three rounds and climbed to the highest step of the podium. This medal is valuable and those that won in her new weight category. Still acted in the category up to 81 kg. It was hard for me to lose weight, so I decided to compete among the 86-pound athletes. I do not regret it, because he received the gold medal of the European championship.

— How long you were going to the summit?

— Became involved in Thai Boxing at the age of 15. In the section I was enrolled parents. You know, teenagers are prone to street fights. I was not a fighter, but can’t say that I’ve always avoided collisions. Parents wanted to feel safer on the street, so I gave up for Thai Boxing. I came to class and I loved it! Especially fascinated by the rules of Thai Boxing. Here allowed that in other martial arts is banned. You can fight with fists, feet, elbows and even knees. He felt that this sport is mine.

And the risk of personal injury does not scare you?

— I am well aware of the danger. Before each battle, experiencing not only not to lose, but also worried that will get hurt. And only go out to the ring, fear disappears. Me manage the adrenaline and stress that covers during a match. Thanks to feel no pain.

In addition, because Thai Boxing has learned to overcome difficulties. My mind changed the internship in Thailand. Was amazed at in what Spartan conditions live local boxers. Their working day looks like this: ate, trained, ate again and again I practiced. And so on until the evening. I also lived in these conditions. So now easily withstand thrice daily workout. In Thailand realized that without testing it is difficult to achieve the goal.

— By the way, the Thai Boxing classes let you to feel safer on the street?

— Yes, I feel I have a strong trump card — my Arsenal of strikes. However, all the conflicts and prefer to solve word. If this option is not available, it is possible to use force. Especially when the first opponent handsy.

— How do you feel about the fact that Ukrainian soldiers are often used in fights in which they play the role of “ttook”?

— This is unacceptable and even humiliating. Never allow yourself to be a tool in the hands of some politician or some influential person. My incentive is medals and not work.


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