And again Obama: whether Kiev to wait for new issues from trump

И снова Обама: стоит ли Киеву ждать новых проблем от Трампа

The other day the President of the United States Donald Trump managed to accomplish almost the impossible – a little bit to push the subject coronavirus pandemic from the front pages of American media. Unfortunately, the reason for high-profile titles have become not report progress in the fight against coronavirus pandemic or its complex economic effects, as usual for trump’s scandalous story “Obamagate”. According to the story, ex-US President Barack Obama and members of his administration are behind the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the Russian intervention in elections in 2016. “Apostrophe” decided to look into another American the “gate” and find the answer to the question, do you think there are current developments a threat to Ukraine.

Obama Trump “planted a pig”

What lies behind the “biggest political crime in the history of the country” as it was described by trump? It all started with the fact that the Ministry of justice announced that they will drop the charges against General Flynn, former adviser to trump, who was involved in the investigation, “the Russian intervention” in the presidential elections of 2016. Tellingly, Sam Flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements (which in the States is a very serious offence) but now he changed his mind about his own guilt. The U.S. justice Department noted that the Flynn interrogation conducted by the FBI, “was not justified counterintelligence investigation and was carried out without any legitimate investigative reasons.”

If we add to this the recent decision to transfer from prison to house arrest to the notorious former head of the electoral headquarters trump and former political consultant Yanukovych Paul Manafort, it is not surprising that this gives reason to suspect the current occupant of the White house in an attempt to ease the pressure on the people who were part of his entourage during the elections of 2016.

Besides, Donald trump has launched a full scale attack on the Democrats, former us Vice-President Joe Biden and first and foremost, on the Barack Obama. Trump and his supporters argue that Obama and the former head of national intelligence James Clapper, attorney General Eric holder, CIA Director John Brennan after the victory of trump on the election in 2016 did everything in order to run the “Russian investigation” and thereby weaken the position of trump, but the fact Flynn was only one of the episodes. It is this “pig” placed the future of the administration of the President in the performance of Obama, according to trump, is “the greatest political crime since Watergate”.

Now the President wants the Democrats some of the heavy lifting for the interrogation and investigation commissions, as at the time dragged members of his team. “If I were a Senator or Congressman, the first person I would call to testify by the very political crime and scandal in U.S. history … is a former President Obama. He knew everything… Do it, Lindsey Graham, just do it”, – this statement was released on Twitter Donald trump.

Of course, interrogations, Barack Obama is still very far away, if ever it comes to that matter. Of course, some noise will be, because, as you said Senator Lindsey Graham, the Senate judiciary Committee of the United States in the near future will return to the question of the investigation of possible ties between people around the Donald trump of Russia – this time to ascertain whether the investigation commenced by the opponents trump in violation of the law.

И снова Обама: стоит ли Киеву ждать новых проблем от Трампа

The Capitol, Washington, USA

Personal phobias

Accusations to trump for more than four years he was rich in scandals in the presidency, the States and the world have become accustomed to greeted with considerable skepticism and criticism. “Obamagate” is no exception. The problem is that the accusations are too “tense”. Moreover, the investigation of “Russian intervention”, although it was initiated by the Obama administration, in fact, occurred during the presidency of trump. Was in charge of the case is already assigned to trump the Deputy attorney General of the United States, and the sentence was imposed Flynn is also now under President trump. If the investigation was started intentionally to hurt Trump, why this wasn’t disclosed and terminated in the first months of his presidency?

The hostile attitude trump to Obama and almost a personal confrontation for anybody not a secret. And the time of the publication of the word “Obamagate” coincided with the attack of the former President on his successor – trump attacked the next morning after Obama made a very sharp criticism of trump confrontation coronavirus pandemic. “Trump’s political career has always revolved around Obama. Trump transformed himself from a businessman to politician, asking whether Obama is an American (after Obama was elected President of the United States trump began and financed the campaign, noting that Barack Obama falsified documents about his birth on US soil and those born outside the United States are not eligible to hold the presidency – “the Apostrophe”), now, as President, trump constantly opposes the predecessor and finds nothing better than to criticize Obama,” notes the analyst edition of the Atlantic, David Graham.

Attempts to attack predecessor has long turned into a hobby of the current President of the United States. “Obamagate” began over three years ago, with a tweet in which trump accused Obama of “pulling the strings” during the elections of 2016. But the real content of these allegations and has not received. As a result, at this time, former Obama adviser David Plouffe called it an attempt by trump to divert public attention from the catastrophic effects of the administration of the coronavirus. “Such statements have the right to exist, but it is much better to consider Obamagate the culmination of various obsessions trump: obsession with his predecessor; the obsession with incompetence, and, above all, a sense of resentment, which was directed by his political project since its creation,” – described the situation the Explorer edition of the New Republic, Alex shepherd.

However, if we take into account the context of the current situation in the United States, it becomes clear that not only one’s personal rivalry with Obama was the cause of the attacks trump. Recently, the President is ready to accuse anyone, just to divert attention from the two biggest issues that seriously hung over States – coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis.

И снова Обама: стоит ли Киеву ждать новых проблем от Трампа

New York, USA

A new echo of “Ukrainedate” near?

Experts have repeatedly expressed the opinion (and “Apostrophe” have such thoughts published) that the main rate of trump in the upcoming elections was the economic achievements of the United States. But the coronavirus buried the trump card of the President. “Over the last eighteen months of the application for the granting of unemployment benefits was filed by 36 million Americans. This is a catastrophic digits not seen since the great Depression. If the economic situation does not radically changed, the chances of trump’s re-election – zero. And so the President tries to divert the attention of a variety of artificial campaigns – as “Obamagate” substantial arguments for which there is no, and today she looks like a “bubble”, – explained the “Apostrophe” americanist, Professor, Institute of international relations of Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko Sergei Galaka.

It is clear that the “Obamagate” is not limited. Trump will be anywhere to blame someone for the ills of America. The leading candidate is China, has already received his share of accusations and threats (more about this in the article “Apostrophe”). But do not forget that the more gloomy the prospects of winning the election, the more will be tempted to trump in again to get the dirt on its main rival – Joe Biden. And it’s no secret that the incriminating evidence had already tried to look in Ukraine.

Despite the painful and problematic for both sides of the experience, “Ukrainedate”, and in the States, and in Ukraine are still people who stubbornly continue to speak out about corruption and Biden need to investigate. On our side of the Atlantic main “antilogarithm” remained former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who consistently bombing the investigating authorities statements about “crimes of Biden”. The last statement – about the pressure from the former Vice President of the United States the former Prosecutor of Ukraine. “Shokin life may be threatened, the Ukrainian government should initiate law enforcement actions to ensure its protection… we Believe that today there is enough evidence for this”, – reads the statement of the lawyer of the former head of the GPU. But while these statements remain marginalized in the media space, and both Ukrainians and Americans are smart enough not to raise again the theme that trump turned into a impeachment, although unsuccessful.

“While Ukraine manages to maneuver and to prevent the deterioration of the situation. But trump is predictably unpredictable, and therefore to exclude anything. However, judging by what we learned during” Ukrainedate”, seriously affect Biden, trump will not work. The maximum that they can obtain is some evidence of financial nedorabotannost Biden’s son, hunter. It absolutely will be used in the campaign, but is unlikely to be a trump card. But the behavior of the Shokin difficult to explain from the point of view of common sense, because even if the investigating authorities will seriously take on his statement, it is unlikely that he will benefit from it”, – says Sergey Galaka.

Given the severity of the political struggle in the United States and a difficult situation, which turned out to be Donald trump, to the final result of the election in 2020, Ukraine should be vigilant that history will not repeat itself, and the mutual attack of two American “tops” don’t become another problem in our complicated political life.