And it’s not cough: called a characteristic symptom of lung cancer

И это не кашель: назван характерный симптом рака легких

Specialists of the National health service of UK (National Health Service) told about the symptoms, which often manifests itself as lung cancer. We are talking about the sounds that occur during breathing.

Noises can be very different – from the whistle to the sound of crying.

Noises appear when there is a partial airway obstruction. Very common in children and in adults doctors attributed his cancer processes and chronic diseases.

Experts noted that signs of cancer is increasing as the progression of the disease. In the early stages of cancer may occur frequent infectious diseases, such as bronchitis.

Should pay attention to cough, if he does not pass for weeks, as well as swelling in the neck region, the change in the fingertips, and difficulty swallowing.