“And where is the theatre?”: Gauguin Solntsev presented the first performance

«А при чем здесь театр?»: Гоген Солнцев презентовал первый спектакль

In Moscow took place the premiere of the play “Sex. Temporarily available”.

Gauguin Solntsev promised to surprise the Muscovites premiere showing of the play in which he acted as a Director and did not disappoint.

March 8, in the main women’s day of Russia, in the capital gave a presentation under the telling title “Sex. Temporarily available”.

Judging from the short videos posted by viewers on the Network, a substantial part of the duration was occupied by the demonstration of half-naked bodies and BONDAGE-paraphernalia.

Gauguin himself showed the final appearance of the actors on the bow – on most of them it was only lingerie Nude create a Nude look, and on top of it – leather straps (no, not “styanuvshih weak chest”).

In addition, one of the spectators filmed the scene in which the artist danced some aggressive-enticing dance, representing a cross between a Go-Go taken in night clubs, and “lady” adopted in rural clubs.

Behalf Newsmir.info I want to warn that the spectacle is even more impressive than his story of Gauguin about how his wife Ekaterina not in a coma, not lost memory.