And you, Brutus: Samsung will also sell the smartphone without charging

И ты, Брут: Samsung тоже будет продавать смартфоны без зарядки

И ты, Брут: Samsung тоже будет продавать смартфоны без зарядки

Already a few reputable insiders, said that Apple will not do a new line of smartphones iPhone unit 12 for charging. Now analysts argue that such a step will go and Samsung.

As writes the Verge, it claimed South Korean media.

Frankly, Apple’s decision surprised few, informed insiders said that in the box with the new iPhone 12, users will not find the wired headphones.

Thus, the manufacturer is allegedly save money, to add the iPhone module 5G.

Samsung is also now considering such a possibility. The company plans to stop to complete some models of its smartphone chargers already in 2021. However, the final decision on this issue has not yet adopted.


Insiders report that the purpose of such “savings” noble is caring about the environment. Because a large number of users do not use the charger that come with new smartphones. Studies claim that some smartphone owners don’t even get the charger out of the box. They just use the charger from the old phone.

Also increasing popularity of wireless charging. There are also users who charged the smartphones in the car, on the computer.

It is the concern about the environment is the main argument for Samsung.

Irina Policka

News Techno

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