Andre Desjardins: take the plunge to be free

Who does not want to be free? But we must dare to embrace his freedom. The two most recent sculptures by artist André Desjardins explore this theme. The goal is not simply to claim it or to extol the merits: the sculptor also evokes the courage to demonstrate to make the leap and choose oneself.

A ndré Desjardins and his wife, Hélène Bélanger-Martin, have made some important choices themselves in recent years. Choices that brought them into a new chapter of their lives together.

The couple left the Montreal area to settle permanently in the Magog sector, to which they were both already attached. The two spouses also closed their Montreal gallery to open one in downtown Magog.

“We did not have to be in Montreal anymore and we wanted to focus on my creations, instead of having a gallery exhibiting works by several artists like the one we had before. We really changed our life by coming here. We are enjoying a freedom we have not had for a while, “explains André Desjardins.

If the new gallery only shows sculptures and canvases signed Desjardins, it is still called Galerie Roccia, like that of Montreal before.

That said, the sculptor and his companion do not regret the closure of the Montreal gallery. Many art lovers who were interested in the work of the sculptor continued to follow him despite the move. And a new clientele more abundant than expected has discovered the artist since the opening of the gallery along St. Catherine Street in Magog.

One of the clay sculptures on display.
One of the clay sculptures on display.
“At Roccia in Montreal, we wanted people to have an experience,” notes Hélène Bélanger-Martin. Our approach has not changed from this point of view. Many of our visitors also tell us, when they leave our premises, that they will no longer see the sculpture in the same way. ”

Clay works

At present, visitors can discover André Desjardins’ two most recent sculptures at the new Roccia Gallery. Both works are in clay, but are destined to become bronzes.

“By showing these clay sculptures to the public, people are given the chance to see works in their raw state. What must be understood is that the work in clay is destroyed later. It is an ephemeral work in a sense, “says Hélène Bélanger-Martin.

To preserve these clay sculptures, the couple must take special measures between times when they are presented to the public. “I spray water into plastic bags and put them on them. I add a second bag on top to make sure the humidity remains high at all times under the plastic. ”

The two figurative works, entitled The Journey and The Big Jump, attempt to illustrate the state of mind of people who managed to break strings that limited their movements. “To dare to be free is to choose oneself and say no to what is no longer appropriate for us to get closer to what we really are. It means accepting momentary imbalance, uprooting and opening your sails for the wind to inflate. ”

With his more recent works, André Desjardins hopes to tackle the European market. He remains in the North American market thanks to the renowned agency Masterpiece Publishing, but wants to expand his horizons without intermediary.

At the end of the summer season, he and his wife will leave Quebec for Mexico, where the sculptor will be busy preparing new works. “We found a beautiful artist’s studio in the jungle, 15 minutes from the ocean. It will be a great experience, but the goal will really be to work, “says Hélène Bélanger-Martin.

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