Andrew Bogdan is retiring as head of the Office of the President: what does he remember

Андрей Богдан уходит в отставку с поста главы Офиса Президента: чем он запомнился

Yet the head of the Office of the President Andrey Bogdan, according to sources, 24 channel, allegedly wrote a letter of resignation at own will. He headed the presidential administration in the day of the inauguration of the sixth President Vladimir Zelensky on may 21. Bogdan was the head of the Agency a little more than 2 months. Than the distinguished civil servant during that time – read the material 24 of the channel.

Lawyer Kolomoisky

Before to lead the Admins of the President of Bogdan learned the whole Ukraine. He went almost the entire election campaign with the incumbent President, Vladimir Zelensky and his in particular, called “informal leader” of the staff. In addition, Bogdan a long time defended the interests of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Accordingly, journalists and experts have begun to suggest that the acting head of the Office of the President is the “curator” of the interests of the businessman and “looking out” for Zelensky in his name.

For the first time, investigative journalists from the program “Our money” said Bogdan in the informal headquarters Zelensky, and already on March 31 during and after the first round of presidential elections saw him in the business centre of the Park, which housed the headquarters of the candidate Zelensky. By the way, was Bogdan with the badge of the TV channel “1+1”, owned by Kolomoisky.

According to investigators, in 2014, Andrey Bogdan held the position of adviser to the then head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Kolomoisky. Also, he almost flied every week, probably meeting with Kolomoisky in Geneva and tel Aviv. During one of these visits to Israel, in December 2018, with him to Kolomoisky has arrived and Zelensky team “95 Quarter”. They stayed there four days, and upon returning to Ukraine launched a campaign Zelensky as a presidential candidate.

What Bogdan is working with Kolomoisky, subsequently confirmed, both the first and the second. The oligarch, for its part, recognized that although Bogdan is a lawyer, but works with other clients. After headed up, Bogdan said it would suspend the advocate’s activity.

Lustration Bogdan

After Bogdan led the AP broke a new scandal. The fact that he worked in high positions in the government of Yanukovych and Azarov, therefore, according to the law on lustration should be banned from holding public office. However, at the time of adoption of this law the position of head of the presidential Administration and his deputies were withdrawn from public service. Therefore, the appointment of Bogdan, the head of AP, although caused some dissatisfaction, however, was perfectly legal.

He Bogdan noted that fall under the lustration law is fundamentally unjust. He argued that “closed a very corrupt scheme, which is deduced 2 billion hryvnia in the year”, and author of this scheme under the Ministry of justice, according to him, was one of the authors of the law on lustration.

Also in the Ministry of justice then emphasized that the position of head of the presidential Administration falls under the activities on purification of government (lustration).

The status of this office according to the Law “On civil service” it doesn’t matter, because the relevant law about the cleansing power clearly refers to this post and refers to the public service act. The same are not civil servants, judges and prosecutors, who are subject to lustration restrictions

– explained the Deputy Minister Sergei Petukhov.

In 2016, the Ministry of justice made a report for work and registers people for jobs in different bodies, in relation to which lustration applied. In this report, Andrei Bogdan is. However, it is not in the registry of the lustration of persons who were already subject to such prohibitions. And all because there include only those persons who were dismissed from office in accordance with the law about the cleansing power.

As Bogdan had no right to head the presidential administration, the site of the guarantor, a host of petitions with the requirement to fire him. At least two of the following received the required number of signatures. However, as Bogdan and Zelensky were given to understand that no one in the near future won’t dismiss.

A referendum on the negotiations with Russia

Subsequently the response received is already one of his statements. Concerned it is put to a nationwide referendum on peace agreements with Russia, which allegedly triggers the command of the President Zelensky. According to Bogdan, the guarantor have repeatedly declared this in their speeches.

On the likely “red line” that Zelensky will not cross while negotiating with Russia, Bogdan noticed that a very good rule there are diplomats – not to fix “red lines”, when you go to negotiate, and this practice is “the accumulated experience of centuries, not comitatum a desire to improve the rating.”

Statement on the negotiations with the country-kesoram very angry society. Those words mercilessly criticized, in particular, the fifth Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the leader of the party “Voice” and musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. In addition, near the presidential administration came the protests, the participants of which were relatives and wives of those killed in the war in the Donbass.

11 Aug 2014 in the village stepanivka Donetsk region from the Russian “Grad” on 17 and 18 brigades of the land forces of the Russian Federation from the territory of Russia killed my husband. I don’t understand how you can negotiate with the killers. And in General, how to avoid the idea that murderers and aggressor can be something to talk about. Russia at the international level recognized as the aggressor, but for some reason in Ukraine, forgot about that. And we should use a referendum to determine if we will be to communicate with them and reach peaceful agreements. Who, with the killers?

– said Yulia Kirillova, a veteran of the 25th battalion “Kievan Rus” and the widow of the deceased soldier of the 30th brigade.

After one of such shares Zelensky, the President met with activists. Following the talks, the guarantor said that under the referendum he had in mind the legislative initiative, and spoke about the survey through which it wants to find out the opinion of the population. At the same time, to the adoption of any laws the results of such a referendum will oblige.

Russian language in the Donbas

Soon Bogdan scored yet another loud statement about the referendum on Russian language in the Donbas. The head of the Office of the President initiated to the language of the occupier became a regional “provided that after this they – the territory of Ukraine”.

“Castelnau question about language. We can Donetsk and Lugansk regions be allowed to speak in Russian, if we will have peace in the country. We put the question -“Yes/no”. If you can, then the Donetsk and Lugansk speak Russian language“, – said Bohdan.

Subsequently, the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk noticed that the words of Bogdan of the Russian language in the Donbas – it is his personal opinion because it does not coincide neither with the position of the presidential party “servant of the people”, nor with the position of President.

In addition, Zelensky team noted that in Ukraine there will be only one language – Ukrainian, but after the termination of the war “should be given to people in Donetsk to speak the language in which they want, and here problems should not be.”

I think you know what you can say as you want… I’m the President, I am speaking to you as I want, right? If Shakhtar will be a special request that is important to them so they can have the documents completed, for example, in Russian, I don’t see any problems

was expressing this opinion of the President.