Andrey burkovsky became a negotiator

Андрей Бурковский стал переговорщиком

Started shooting the original 16-episode psychological drama Start “Mediator”. A Central role is played Andrey burkovsky, the female roles are played by Yulia Peresild, Darya Moroz, Irina Starshenbaum, Viktoriya Tolstoganova and Evgenia Simonova. Director’s chair series, whose co-producer is the company “the Profit” took Artem Aksenenko, said the press service of the video service.

According to Andrei Bourkovski, “”Mediator” is a TV show where you can learn a lot about yourself, about the psychology of people in General. It’s about our fears, about his childhood, about the concept of truth. We deceive ourselves? What I want really?”.

The actor will appear before the audience in the form of Andrei Petrov – a professional negotiator trained in the Academy of Management of MIA of Russia. He is the man who comes without weapons to terrorists and in a matter of seconds establishes contact with them. But his main income is not from the successful release of the hostages, and from big business. Wherever people can not agree, it helps for a lot of money. For each case it is changed beyond recognition. Amazing ability to reincarnation Petrov developed in childhood that helped him to build complicated relationship with her mother. And it feels good so people that have not believed anyone. Even to myself.

“The series is being filmed for a video service Start, for me, this is a guarantee that it will be a cool product that it will be cool. To all viewers “Kept women”, “Ex”, “257 reasons to live”, and other original content is the Start to wait for the draft among the first to wish-list – Daria Moroz. – I play the girl Faith. Distinctive character, broken destiny, hysterical nature. People, in a sense, offended by the whole world. It is a very serious paddle. For me this story of how a single manipulator faces even more dexterous the manipulator. And this new character in my biography. Different from anything I’ve played before.”

As the General producer of the series Edward Iloyan, the script “was developed over two years”, and wrote his Anna Kozlova. For the visual component responds to a DP Dmitry Savinov. The company of the aforementioned actors will be Daniil Vorobyov, Maryana Spivak, Daria Avner, Anton Kuznetsov, Anna Shepeleva, Thais Kalinina, Anastasia mikulchina, Kirill Zai&774;CET, Vladimir Kapustin, Anna Kamenkova, Elena Panova and others. Filming will take place in Moscow and the Moscow region.

“I found it very interesting to tell the story of a professional negotiator that can convince anyone of anything, but who are not able to agree with himself. He can’t accept the loss of their loved ones, a loved one, and understanding the impossibility of helping him become a completely new, different person”, – says the General producer Igor Tolstunov.

Андрей Бурковский стал переговорщиком

Андрей Бурковский стал переговорщиком