Andrey Plahov tells about the fate of a film of Kira Muratova “the Long goodbye”

On 2 March at six in the evening in the Small hall of the Moscow House of cinema, Russian film critic and film critic with a worldwide reputation, active in the international film festival movement, winner of the special prize “Nika” “For contribution to cinematographic science, criticism and education” Andrei Plakhov will reveal his author’s program “Shelf movie”.

According to the press service of the Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation, the first film will be the picture of Kira Muratova “the Long goodbye”. The movie was filmed in 1971, but was closed for rental, placed on the shelf and on the screen appeared only at the beginning of perestroika in 1987.

Andrey Plahov tells the audience about the dramatic fate of the film and its author – Kira Muratova, about how this painting was created, how long was her journey to the viewer.

“Shelf movie” is not a random name for the new program Plakhova. At the beginning of perestroika Andrey Stepanovich was Secretary of the Union of cinematographers of the USSR and Chairman of the Conflict Committee on creative issues, which was established by Elem Klimov. Thanks to the work of the Commission, after years, was released more than two hundred previously banned by the Soviet censorship of films. During these years, began a collaboration with the film critics International Federation of film critics FIPRESCI, where from 1997 to 2005 he was Vice-President, and 2010 President. Currently Andrey Stepanovich remains one of the honorary President of FIPRESCI. Film critic participated in the jury of the largest and most prestigious world film forums.