Android 11 hides more surprises than expected

Android 11 скрывает больше сюрпризов, чем предполагалось

The new operating system Android 11, which is still not really time to go, as it has already acquired a large number of interesting details, manifested today in all its glory on some hidden capabilities and functions. Or rather, it said Dave Burke, senior software engineer, Google VP of Engineering for Android, which is not the last person who knows the most fresh and promising details on the new system. Dave told a lot of interesting not only about those possibilities, but also tried to explain why Google suddenly decided to abandon their traditional “dessert” naming for their devices.

First, it is worth noting the fact that Google actually decided recently to completely abandon their usual tactics and traditions to call their new releases of the Android operating system one way or another dessert or something that means something sweet. According to lead engineer, Google VP, is such a decision with the desire to make new versions of the operating system a new, more Mature and solid image, hence the change in the naming. And secondly, Burke pointed out that even the current beta version Android 11 actually conceals many not-yet-activated features and functions, mostly related to the increase in the level of security and user privacy on the device.

However, he also noted that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and that the most likely scenario is Google will gradually publish and optimize new features and capabilities to Android 11 without having to implement any third-party modifications by the user.

We can assume that Google already has a concrete plan of action, however, the reluctance to disclose it and to exercise his points too quickly, in fact, may even be a good sign – a sign that the development team wants to make the future user experience more comfortable and interesting that already a little evident in the new design menu buttons and related applications and functions.


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