Android 11 will be the perfect night mode

In Android 10 night mode appeared at the system level, but unfortunately, it was not the function of automatic switching. This despite the fact that it was present in early beta versions of the system. In the new Android 11 this situation was corrected.

Apparently, this feature will appear in the next version of Android. More specifically, it is known that she will appear in the next release of Android, however, likely refers to Android 11.

Night mode in Android

Interestingly, night mode Night Light appeared in Android 7.1. However, it worked quite differently – activated special filter that reduced the proportion of blue color in backlight. And this Night Light mode including proposed automatic activation depending on the time of day.

In Android 10 of this implementation of this regime decided to give up due to the fact that it relied on CalendarAstronomer and used a large piece of code.

Implement optimized automatic night mode Google decided after a number of complaints from users.

How to activate Night mode in Android 10

If you don’t want to wait when Google will add this feature – can use a third-party app Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10 that will help you to set dark mode in Android 10.

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