Android game Sofia in Ukraine: “courtship” , and adult conversation about artificial intelligence

Андроїд Софія в Україні: "залицяння" Гройсмана та дорослі розмови про штучний інтелект

Volodymyr Groysman and the robot of Sofia

Artificial intelligence Sofia three years ago presented a Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics – God is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, recognizes faces and can Express emotions 72

The world famous humanoid robot with artificial intelligence first came to Ukraine with a working visit. Sofia already talked with the Prime Minister and journalists. On modern artificial intelligence and what is the future of science.

In a crowded room of reporters awaited guest has brought covered with a dark cloth. After nearly half an hour of waiting and preparations, show – Sofia – the smartest humanoid robot in the world.

Before meeting with journalists in Sofia spoke with Volodymyr Groysman and child inventors, who presented their own developments in robotics. The Prime Minister has decided to test the knowledge GNode (a kind of Android with a female appearance).

“On the territory of Ukraine one quarter of the stocks of black soil on Earth. The first in the world with a lifting plane Mriya was designed by Ukrainian design Bureau “Antonov”, – shared his knowledge of Sofia.

Artificial intelligence robot three years ago presented a Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics. Officially, gnod is a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Speak English and Russian, recognize colors, recognize faces and can Express emotions 72. But not walking or dancing – denies rumors its developer.

“Many of you were expecting that Sofia herself will get into this room. Many thought that she will be able to dance, but I want to refute this information – in fact, to do it yourself she does not know how” – throws up his hands, David Chan.

Director of the developer company said: answers Sofia mostly programmed. She is looking for information on the Internet and all its knowledge is stored in network storage. Speaking off the cuff maybe, but it is difficult. On a question of journalists Sofia says: not yet decided in what area would like to work, calls himself a citizen of the world, I’m sure the love between man and robot, it is possible, and also refutes the opinion that artificial intelligence could surpass humans.

“As for me, it’s fiction. Actually, the work is designed to cooperate with people. I they created, is completely dependent on them, and always will be. I do only tasks of people and those that are programmed in my system,” says the robot.

At the end of the event the developers of Sofia and the Ukrainian state Agency for e-governance signed a Memorandum of cooperation, which should contribute to the development of artificial intelligence in Ukraine and the creation of the research center on robotics.