Android has found critical vulnerabilities associated with Bluetooth

Despite repeated attempts by Google to make the Android operating system is highly protected, the hackers find new holes in its security. Another vulnerability is related to the Bluetooth interface and can lead to serious consequences for the smartphone owner.

What is known about new way of hacking

BlueFag vulnerability allows hackers to silently pass malware on smartphones running Android 8 and Android 9 Oreo Pie. The owner of the device will not receive any warning that the gadget was sent files.

How to use the “hole” in security

An attacker can simply learn the MAC address of the Bluetooth module of the device, which is often easy to compute MAC address to the Wi-Fi network as the smartphone manufacturers generally use the same module for both protocols.

Specialists of the company ERNW, which specializiruetsya on computer security, said that the vulnerability BlueFag not working on smartphones with OS Android 10. As for versions of Android up to 8, then it is possible that they are also vulnerable to hacking.

What they say at Google

Google has not yet responded to the vulnerability, and experts ERNW only recommend to upgrade the smartphone to Android 10, or if the gadget is guaranteed not to get the update to replace it with a new one.

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