Android Q, Pixel 3, and more: what will tell the conference Google I/O 2019

Android Q, Pixel 3 и многое другое: о чем расскажут на конференция Google I/O 2019

The annual developers conference Google to be held on 7 may. CEO Sundar Pichai and other company executives will share here Google plans for the coming year, including improvements in the Android, Google Assistant and many other applications and services of the company.

Although this event will last until may 9, the most major announcements will occur during the 90-minute keynote address that starts at 13:00 Eastern time (20:00 Kyiv). We expect to hear more about Android Q during the main performance, based on what is already in the beta, and learn more about functionality. Google may also share large numbers for Google Assistant, after which new features will appear in the virtual assistant. It is reported by CI Tech.

Maybe we’ll even see multiple updates for the Duplex, the controversial application that uses artificial intelligence to call and make reservations on your behalf. Usually I/O-oriented software, but I guess this year will be announced a few devices. Judging by the high frequency of rumors about the phone of the middle class Google Pixel 3A, we can see him on stage during a performance. There is also the hope to hear something about the Nest Hub Max.

Pixel 3A and 3A XL

Much is already known about the upcoming smartphone. It is assumed that the Pixel 3A will cost$399 and the larger Pixel 3A XL with 6-inch screen, is$479. It is expected that both devices will provide a high-performance camera. Google has made some cost reductions in other areas using less powerful processors, moving from glass to plastic parts and removing wireless charging. This was the reason for the change segment. Pixel 3A and 3A XL will get three years of software updates and security, as well as other features such as Call Screen.

Nest Hub Max

Google prematurely announced a broader approach to the Nest smart Home Hub display. Nest Hub Max is equipped with 10-inch screen and stereo speakers. In addition, we know little about Hub Max, except that it will likely be to work with the same software that focuses on the Google Assistant and gives him a visual interface that can be used anywhere in your home. Price unknown, but for comparison, 7-inch Home Hub sells for$150. As the product Nest (and because it has a built-in camera), it is also very likely that Hub Max assumed the functions of home security, which home hub without a camera is just not able. Smart display and smart camera in one? Sounds pretty good.

A complete overview of the Android Q

Undoubtedly, much is already known thanks to a couple of beta versions in the development of Google Android for Q, but it is highly likely that the company saved some big announcements for their presentation. The next major version of Android will provide users with more flexible privacy controls, including the ability to restrict applications by location tracking only when they are actively used. In the early beta versions were also present in dark mode, the color illumination and is much more responsive menu for sharing – Q provides the Foundation for future foldable phones.

More details on Google Stadia

Google has unveiled its service cloud games Stadia. The launch will occur during the year, but Google has yet to share crucial details such as subscription price, for example. It is possible that I/O will see yet another demonstration of Stadia with more specific information about the launch of the consumer. But the company may also decide to wait for the gaming conference E3 (or even later) until everything is ready.

Progress Google Assistant Google Lens

Every year Google likes to spend a lot of time to demonstrate their success using Google Assistant and to justify why he becomes more intelligent and capable voice assistant, Alexa than Amazon. In addition, there is a Google Lens that turns the camera of Android phones into a powerful tool in computer vision.

Reduce TV and Android Wear-OS News

Apparently, Google decided to remove the news from Wear OS, the process began even before the conference. Platform gets new widgets, which Google calls Tiles, allowing you to easily check the weather, next appointment in the calendar, news headlines and so on. The company’s decision to announce it before the conference tells us that the Wear OS may not take a lot of time on stage. There were no other hints that Google has big plans to remake or change the design of Android TV this year. The coolest product for Android TV, which we saw at last year’s I/O is still not on the market, but the software continues to appear on televisions from a wide range of manufacturers, including Sony and Hisense.

The Fate Of Duplex

Last year, Google has really impressed the first public demonstration of the Duplex, which allows Google Assistant voice calls to local companies and place orders on your behalf. Frankly, will struggle to achieve it in 2019. But who knows what will happen.