Android will simplify the process of logging into applications

Android значительно упростит процесс входа в приложения

Android значительно упростит процесс входа в приложения

In connection with the cancellation of the conference for developers I/O, Google continues to talk about the changes to Android with the help of small clips. Immediately after the demonstration of updated features fast data sharing, the company introduced a simplified registration and authorisation applications, which should significantly simplify “move” from one device to another.

Crossplatform feature authorization One Tap simplifies the initial registration application, explains androidpolice. When you first start the program the user is asked to login using your Google account. In this case, will create a “safe account without your password”. At the time of registration the user is informed, what information it provides access.

Generally One Tap brings together the existing functions of “Login using Google” Smart Lock and Android Autofill, making registration applications easier and understandable for the user, requiring from him a single tap.

How to work the new platform

Block Store continues the idea of the simple log-in application with One Tap. This tool is described by the company as “a safe, complete solution for storing encrypted credentials”. If the developer has implemented support for this feature in your program, when you authorize a user instead of their username and password will be created a special token that is stored locally on the device in encrypted form. This token can also be stored in the cloud, if the user has granted appropriate permission.

When setting up a new gadget using the cloud restore or transfer data using cable Block Store copies the token from the old device. Thus, the user does not have to manually log in to each application for a new gadget – all will be done automatically during the initial setup.

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