Angelina Jolie became the editor of Time magazine

Анджелина Джоли стала редактором журнала Time

Jolie will write about the rights of refugees and other important social issues. Its materials will be published monthly.

44-year-old Jolie is not only a famous actress and Director, mother of six children, but special goodwill Ambassador of the UN. She has long been involved in charity work and cares about refugee. It is about the rights of victims of international conflicts, will write star.

This was stated by the editor in chief and CEO of Time Edward Felsenthal. He also shared the details of the job: the magazine will be to collaborate with Angelina Jolie on a regular basis and every month the actress in his column to write about the social problems.

The first article Jolie titled “What we owe to refugees” was released yesterday, June 19, on the eve of world refugee day. Here Angelina raised the issue of the difference between migrants and refugees.

The illusion is that any state can hide behind their borders and hope that the problem will disappear. We need leadership and effective diplomacy. We need to achieve long-term peace based on justice and transparency in relation to human rights, and to ensure that refugees could return home. This is not an easy approach, and a heavier action plan. But only he will be able to change something. The distance between us and refugees is much less than we think
– says the actress.

Анджелина Джоли стала редактором журнала Time

Angelina Jolie helps refugees in Venezuela / Getty Images

Recall that angelina Jolie recently visited a refugee camp of Venezuela, where he met with refugees and Colombian President Ivan Duque. During the visit, the star has promised that the UN is ready to provide assistance to Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

Author: Roksolana Goshovskaya