Ani Lorak cried during her speech: video – 24 Channel

Ані Лорак заплакала під час свого виступу: відео - 24 Канал

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who moved to Russia, is going through hard times in his personal life. The actress burst into tears on stage during his speech.

As you know, the media exploded information: husband of Ani Lorak Murat noticed in Kiev in the karaoke club with an unknown brunette. The man gently stroked companion on the hip and her arm around my waist, which was fixed by the witnesses. after the incident, the singer published a photo which shows that she was not wearing a wedding ring.

Now the network has stirred up the video from the concert of the artist in the Russian city of Gelendzhik. During the song “Cold” Ani Lorak to sing words that she “cold a long, cold one” and “love long gone”. At the end of personnel from the concert can be seen that the artist did not restrain their tears.

Your love is my life. Thank you, signed video Ani Lorak.


Fans of the star immediately wrote her words of support. “Proslezilas with you”, “Hold on, everything will be fine”, “Cold one, cold for a long time – in these words,” wrote people.

We will remind, according to media reports, this was not the first adventures of the husband of Ani Lorak. Sources said StarHit that repeatedly saw Murat in the company of other women, as well as under the influence of illegal drugs. In addition, friends of the singer said that her Turkish husband started to “walk” immediately after marriage, the newspaper reports KP.RU.

The betrayal of her husband Ani Lorak decided to comment on her father Miroslav KUEK. He said that the video is not seen, but believes that the media dramatize this situation and noted that they “all right.” In addition, supported the businessman and club staff who are familiar with it. Murat himself assured that it is not necessary to evaluate his words and actions, because people don’t know the half of it.

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