Animation for John Wick Hex is created with the participation of the stunt Studio that worked on the movie

Анимация для John Wick Hex создается при участии каскадерской студии, работавшей над кинофраншизой

What “John Wick” without dashing stunts and other spectacular moves? So the creators of turn-based action-tactics Hex John Wick understands this, and therefore work side by side with the 87Eleven Action Design – Studio stunt, had hand, foot and other parts of the body to the films in the original sources.

To make the characters on the screen quickly jumping to locations, sharing beautiful shots, the authors used a mixture of key-frame animations and motion capture. Look at the process of creating fights, shootings and other actions in the latest video.

About the animation with Mike Botellon (Mike Bithell), head Bithell Games, also talked to the journalist for Destructoid. The developer was impressed with the work of the stuntmen.

“We had to work with a team of stuntmen, says Bitell. – It was extremely exciting. As in the case with [the Director of “John Wick”] Chad Stahelski, the work of the stunt team made me understand their goals, how they think, but of course we also took the opportunity to conduct the shoot and to capture some of their movement”.

Bitell added that in many respects the work of the stuntmen made it with all my heart to love the movie, which in turn led him to create games based.

John Wick Hex will appear on the PC/Mac (via Epic Games Store) and unnamed consoles. Release date is still unknown. The first details here, but the impression the Western press here.