Anna Bolshova has admitted he is ashamed of his body

Анна Большова призналась, что стесняется своего тела

Actress of Lenkom theatre, where sometimes you have to be naked on stage, admitted that he does not like to do it.

“Very ashamed of my body, you know that especially nothing to be proud of”, says Anna. According to the artist, most of her discomfort brought a production of “the Hoax”, in the first act where she was supposed to appear on stage Topless. The actress stresses that the exposure to the public contrary to her nature.

Borisovoi, known to viewers, first and foremost, about the serials “the Stop on demand” and “Hot ice”, previously had to play on the same stage with such stars as Oleg Yankovsky, Alexander Abdulov and Leonid Bronevoy. In his new interview, she admitted that she failed to bond with older colleagues, and Jankowski and did not consider her a serious actress.

Anna Bolshova has admitted that he does not like explicit scenes recalls that Anna Bolshova graduated from the Russian Academy of theatre arts, after which he worked in the theater named Gogol. In 1998, the young actress moved to Lenkom. Around the same time she debuted on the silver screen.

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