ANNA MARIA has performed at “New wave” in Sochi: what took place duet

ANNA MARIA таки выступили на "Новой волне" в Сочи: какое место занял дуэт

Duet ANNA MARIA, who during the National selection for Eurovision-2019 is caught in a scandal, has made the Russian “New wave”. However, a trip to the aggressor country has not brought the girls success.

According to official data published at the “New wave”, won by a participant from Albania INIS Neziri. The three leaders entered vocalists from Russia and Cuba. But Ukrainka Anna and Maria opanasyuk took fifth place, gaining a total of 243 points. Now girls do not comment on the finals, only publishing a joint photo with Phillip Kirkorov.

Duet ANNA MARIA wasn’t the only one represented Ukraine at the “New wave-2019”. According to the results of the contest, Taras Prisajnuk also acted on stage in Sochi, finishing in a total of 10 degree. Before the contest, the singer shared with fans footage from Moscow, showing off the cooperation with Russian singers.

What is the “New wave”?It is a vocal competition, which was founded by the composers Igor Krutoy and Raimonds Pauls. To 2014 show took place in Jurmala, Latvia. However, because of the support of the aggressive policy of the Kremlin to the Russian singers who sit in the jury, was denied entry into the country. Since then, the show was held in Sochi.

What is known about the participation of the Duo of ANNA MARIA in the “New wave”?

In April 2019, the sisters Anna and Maria opanasyuk has publicly stated that has applied for participation in the contest “New wave”. Singer tried to justify his decision, explaining that the competition will be attended by representatives of 13 countries of the world. So Anna and Maria thought it unfair that Ukraine will not appear in the show.

We want to show that Ukraine – the best!.. We want all people to show their music. To represent the country… the contest involved about 13 countries, and we thought it was wrong, if Ukraine, where soulful songs and beautiful voices, not represented,
– said Anna and Maria opanasyuk.

This statement was commented by the TV presenter Sergey Pritula, which led the national selection of the Eurovision song contest. After scandalous interview of the sisters opanasyuk Novel by Skrypnyk when they could not answer the question “Whose Crimea?” the showman asked the girls about their position. Response artists Prytula has used in his comments about the “New wave”.

“If there was a question – to choose the competition or the parents, we, like any normal person would choose the parents,” – said in February this year, the group “Anna-Maria” who came “to represent Ukraine” on the contest “New wave” in rasii. Let us rejoice for the girls. They finally decided on the priorities! – ironically said Sergey Prytula.