Anno 1800 will be free to try right before the release

Anno 1800 можно будет бесплатно попробовать прямо перед релизом

In the first week of February Ubisoft Blue Byte held a private beta testing strategy Anno 1800. Now the company has published the results of the tests and announced that just before the release of the game you can try for free.

The developers call closed testing complete success: gamers often returned to the game, would spend a lot of time, and on Twitch at some point brought Anno 1800 to fifth place in overall viewers among all sections of the site. However, a number of problems still exists:

• Game balance. Blue Byte assures that the entire balance that existed in the PTA, should not be considered final. Partly for the sake of game edits, the Studio moved the release to April.

• Sync errors in multiplayer. Blue Byte has worked on them back in the patch for the PTA, but to fix until the end of time – the release should be better.

• Productivity. The PTA helped to get the health Anno 1800 on a variety of systems. These data will be used to improve the technical aspects.

• Influence. This resource in the Anno 1800, which can be invested in different areas: for example, in the development of trade or fleet. The gameplay is designed so that if the player will spend much of the impact on trade, it will overtake other participants in the match trade, but the ships will not be as powerful as a player who spends an impact on the fleet.

It seems that the public strongly criticized the influence in the PTA Anno 1800, so the developers stressed that the balance is not final, in a closed test cut “endgame” where new features impact and community feedback, will definitely consider.

Open testing Anno 1800 will be held from 12th to 14th April. There you will be able to know how well Blue Byte has worked on the bugs.

Release Anno 1800 will be held April 16 on PC.