Announced a mini-Jacuzzi for male genitalia: photo and price (18+)

Анонсировали мини-джакузи для мужских гениталий: фото и цена (18+)

American startup has created a mini-Jacuzzi for male genitalia. The device is called Testicuzzi and is already preparing for the sale.

How did the idea of creating a unique device? The idea to create a bath for the scrotum originated during the “funny debate”, the authors write Testicuzzi.

They discussed trends in Dating and drinking until you started talking about funny gadgets for men. The idea that all Americans remember and decided to bring to life. Thus appeared the first 3D models of baths.

Анонсировали мини-джакузи для мужских гениталий: фото и цена (18+)

Testicuzzi in gold valued at a quarter of a million hryvnia

The main goal Testicuzzi – relax man after a long day of work. For this purpose the device is equipped with a soft silicone cushion for the penis and the system that the clock can blow bubbles: we need a couple of batteries.

Advertising mini-whirlpool, scrotal – see the video

Price and date of start of sales. Testicuzzi can be bought in black or white color for $ 40 (about UAH 1,000). There is a premium version, made of 14 Karat gold, which is worth 10 thousand dollars (about 250 to 400 hryvnia). To deliver mini-tub will begin from December 10.

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