Announced surprise from the June 1, has become a social network Voice

Анонсированным сюрпризом от 1 июня стала социальная сеть Voice finally unveiled their secret long-awaited event, announced on June 1, however, the news was first published by Bloomberg. Voice, a new social network based on voice communication, will keep a record of transactions on the blockchain EOS.

With this step, extends the network model Steemit and social media with the blockchain component. Network Steemit was based on a Protocol similar to the EOS, which also was built by EOS founder Daniel Larimer (Daniel Larimer).

The purpose of social media is based on the blockchain, is the destruction of the model when the company’s own social media user data and manipulate them for advertising or other types of algorithms.

The truth is that the current social media platform designed for the use of its users

said Brendan Blumer (Blumer Brendan) CEO in a press release.

Just look at the business model. Our contents. Our data. Our attention. This is all incredibly valuable things. But now, it’s the platform, not the user receiving a reward. On the project they conduct auctions our information to advertisers, earning profits, and flooding our channels hidden programs, dictated by the highest bidder. Voice will change this.

Before you run the Voice was a large-scale acquisition of memory (RAM) on the basis of EOS, resource to run applications in a distributed network. RAM allows you to create new accounts, as well as the possibility of calculation on a distributed operating system EOSIO.

The announcement from appeared at a time when doubts about the price manipulation EOS. In addition, the decision on creation of the project should social media be warning stories about Steemit, which turned into bots operated a Ponzi scheme, instead of generate a organic effect and payments. Other projects focused on the combination of cryptocurrency and social media is also lagging behind, as is the case with Kik, which has its own regulatory problems.

But social media also circulated another little fact, the fire sale, which combined a social network with the Voice headphone manufacturer Bose. Unfortunately, the Bose company was involved in the theft of data through the use of voice information:

Yesterday evening, EOS announced that, among other things, the launch of the Voice (voice of a social network).

After the long-awaited announcement, the price of EOS have remained stagnant, falling slightly on Monday to $7,38, not holding a level above $8.