Announced the finalists of the European Parliament film award Lux

Объявлены финалисты кинопремии Европарламента Lux


The finalists of the European Parliament film award Lux steel this year. All of them, according to the jury, put the issues of the day: from oblivion and historical truth, to the environment and migration. Name created 11 years ago, the award translates from Latin as “light”, it was conceived as a discussion club and a means of promoting European cinema.

“The other side” of the Serbian postanoxic Mila Turajlic is a parable that any isolation and deafness lead to a dead end. The story of two families living in split in two the apartment in Belgrade, the only barrier between them for 70 years, serves as the door.

“The door symbolizes the country’s history, which is always somehow determined through division and separation, – says Mila Turajlic. – So one of the goals of the film is to try to open that door and prove that the only way to write true history is to put it in perspective is spacious enough to accommodate the diametrically opposite point of view.”

The theme of the second ribbon – the struggle for the preservation of the environment and against contemporary capitalism, which, JCAC in the era of Marx, does not stop at nothing for profit. “Woman at war” Icelandic Director Benedict Erlingsson tells the story of Robin hood in a skirt.

“My heroine is rebelling against the villains, she is doing everything to damage

those who still ran the world, was the maximum, says Benedict Erlingsson. – They undermine the established order of nature, so she decides to lead them against subversive activities. In the background appear more philosophical questions: when is the time to take action and break the rules”?

The third finalist – the painting “the river Styx” by German Director Wolfgang Fischer. The author reflects on the issue of migration in the broadest sense. This is the story of a young ambulance doctor, who single-handedly sent across the Atlantic and faced with a sinking ship, carrying refugees, illegal immigrants. In Greek mythology the Styx is the embodiment of primeval dread:

“The film was shot so, – explained the Director, – so that the audience was constantly in the midst of events and was forced to wonder, “how would I react? what choice did? My main goal was to make everyone understand what he would do in such a situation?”

The winner of the Lux film award the 2018 will be announced on 14 November

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