Announced the game based on the popular show “Mythbusters”: the trailer

Анонсировали игру по мотивам популярного шоу "Разрушители мифов": трейлер

The company ByteBarrel decided to create a game based on the popular TV show “Mythbusters”. The Studio has posted on YouTube a trailer for the project, in which gamers have to carry out crazy experiments.

Note, this idea is not all: the number of likes and dislikes the roller are approximately equal.

Details about the game. Judging from the trailer and descriptions of future games on YouTube, gamers will have to repeat all that what the host of a popular TV show – shattering the myths empirically.

This will need to take an interesting legend to pick up for her the test of the necessary equipment and carry out the experiment. In addition, the materials needed to do this, you will need to buy, and the device for the most unusual checks to design your own.

Game trailer “Mythbusters” – watch the video

Release date and the reaction of gamers. The game has already appeared on Steam page, but the majority of gamers strongly, it is unclear how it will work. Some are just happy that your favorite show will find a game interpretation. Estimated release date of the project has not been disclosed.

What is known about the TV show “Mythbusters”?
Is an American popular science television program on the Discovery channel. Transfer lead special effects specialists Jamie hyneman and Adam savage, using their skills and experience for the experimental verification of various tales, rumors, urban legends and other creatures of popular culture.

The first release was released on 23 January 2003, and the shooting is still going on.

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