Announced the release date and price new PlayStation

Сообщили дату выхода и цену новой приставки PlayStation

After the announcement of PlayStation 5, some gamers have started to calculate how much will cost the “legacy” of the PS4. However, Sony is in no hurry to write off the “four” and soon might represent a new console from the PlayStation family of 4.

Features. As reported 4PDA, we are talking about the PlayStation 4 Super Slim. According to media reports, the new product based on the new 7-nanometer processor will be lighter and more compact than its predecessor.

Release date and price. The estimated price of the new console – 199 Euro (around 5 999 hryvnia). Cost reduction has probably been achieved through the installation of built-in storage of a smaller volume. Expected date of start of sales: fall 2019.

The announcement of the PlayStation 5 is close. Journalists believe that this situation is quite realistic. Sony already did the same way with the PlayStation 3, presenting the Super Slim at the end of the life cycle of the consoles.


Such a move could attract a new audience and to minimise potential financial losses associated with the reluctance of consumers to buy a more expensive version of the PS4 shortly before the release of the new console generation. However, it should be remembered that before the official announcement it’s all just rumors.

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