Another American politician goes to US presidents

Еще один американский политик идет в президенты США

The Senator from Colorado Democrats Michael Bennet said he intends to participate in the election of the President of the United States of America, which will take place in 2020.

54-year-old Bennett has decided to participate in the elections, despite the fact that he has prostate cancer, reports CNN.

According to policy, the United States is faced with several important challenges. On the one hand, this lack of economic opportunities for most of the American population, with another – the need to restore the reputation of the US government.

The Senator also explained what separates him from other candidates for the highest office in the United States: honesty and ability to win tough races.

I plan to run for President… I Have a tendency to speak truth to the people I represent in Colorado, and I want to get the chance to do it with the American people,

he said.

What is known about Michael Bennett?

The son of former U.S. Ambassador to India and a graduate from the law faculty of Yale University, who worked in the Clinton administration. In 1987 he received a bachelor’s degree at Wesleyan University, and in 1993 his legal education at Yale law school. Bennett worked for a time at the businessman-Republican Phil Anchuca, but returned to politics, sided with the Democrats. He was chief of staff of the mayor of Denver John Hickenlooper, who later became Governor of Colorado, and is now also running for President of the United States.

Bennett, along with his wife, Susan, are raising three daughters.

Previously, former Vice President Barack Obama Joe Biden said that he will run for U.S. President in 2020. It is ready to support 27% of voters-Democrats across the country.