Another case demonstrates that the police reform failed

Очередной случай демонстрирует, что реформа полиции провалена

In Zaporozhye cops brutally beat man, who, in their opinion, wanted to Rob a stall, and during the arrest allegedly resisted the police. The incident occurred on Tuesday, July 14, and the police used violence to the detainee three times in a brutal form.

This was announced on his page in Facebook activist Lech Kherson.

About the affected know that he was previously convicted, formally employed, has a permanent place of residence, established himself as a calm and kind person.

According to the activist, what happened, in fact, differs from the version of detention of the police.

“In fact, the police detained the guy, July 14 at 2:20 on the street Happy. Used violence, about the fourth hour was taken to the Dnieper OP, where again beaten operatives Dnieper division, the beating took place in the auditorium on the second floor with investigators. Up to 18 hours refused to call an ambulance, inform relatives about the detention. The Protocol of detention was 10 hours from the moment of detention ” – says the man.

After the victim allowed a lawyer Katanov B. A., the police called an ambulance, which diagnosed the existence of serious bodily injury to the detainee. After delivery in the hospital, the victim was given medical assistance and the presence of multiple injuries.

“The question for the Prosecutor Kanevskomu who saw the health of the detainee and refused to have him make the appropriate announcement and call an ambulance. Manevski was in the building of the Dnieper OP 17 hours and personally spoke with the detainee”, – the activist wrote.

It is also reported that a lawyer filed for offences 102, Prosecutor’s office and the RRT.