Another country refused to recognize Guido President of Venezuela

Еще одна страна отказалась признавать Гуайдо президентом Венесуэлы

Italy refused to recognize Juan, Guido acting President of Venezuela, because it considers impossible external interference in the internal Affairs of another country.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy, Manlio Di Stefano in an interview to television channel TV2000.

Italy does not recognize, Guido, because we are categorically opposed to any country with the support of third countries determined by the internal politics of another country. This is called the principle of non-interference, and he supported the UN

stated Di Stefano.

He also explained that the main task now is to avoid war and the repetition of “the Libyan scenario”, when he was deposed Muammar Gaddafi. Commenting on the European Parliament resolution Di Stefano said that now everyone recognizes the mistakes made in Libya and therefore cannot be allowed to happen again in Venezuela.

On Thursday the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Venezuela, which recognizes a leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan, Guido acting President of the country and calls for the member countries of the European Union. The ruling of the Italian “Movement 5 stars” voted against, whereas the MPs from the coalition of the “League” abstained. The EU foreign Ministers at a meeting in Bucharest on Thursday adopted a General decision on the recognition of Guido interim President, putting, however, that this step has the right to make each of the 28 EU countries separately.

Europe, including Britain, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and France, said on January 26 that recognize Juan, Guido interim President, calling Nicolas Maduro to call an election within eight days. In support of Maduro spoke Russia, Belarus, Bolivia, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Turkey. UN Secretary-General called for dialogue to resolve the crisis.

What’s going on in Venezuela:

  • Thousands of people 23 January 2019 came out to protest, demanding the overthrow of the dictator Nicolas Maduro.
  • The opposition leader Juan Guido declared himself “interim President” of the country, support for the opposition leader said many countries in the world.
  • Dictator Maduro has the support of the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
  • Law enforcement authorities confirmed 24 channel that Maduro came mercenaries “Wagner”, in Russia deny everything.
  • During protests and clashes with police have killed at least 35 chelovechishche about 900 activists.
  • January 26, France and Spain stated that put forward an ultimatum Maduro: they require within eight days to declare the elections in Venezuela.