Another “epidemic” of humanity – the oncologist about a new phobia – 24 Channel

Ще одна "епідемія" людства, – онколог про нову фобію - 24 Канал

There are pathological phobias, which are a symptom of mental disorders. The kantserofobiey is one of those fears, which seriously degrades the quality of life.

This was told by the oncologist Pauline Flegontova, reports Оbozrevatel.

The kantserofobiey is a pathological fear of Contracting cancer. This phobia can be considered a kind of “epidemic” for people.

Main symptoms:

unexplainable, uncontrollable fear;
– panic;
– shortness of breath;
– rapid pulse;
– sudden pain (head, stomach, heart);
– loss of consciousness.

Ще одна "епідемія" людства, – онколог про нову фобію - 24 Канал

Stress is the cause of many diseases

How to get rid of this phobia? The kantserofobiey one of the common phobias. Therefore, it is best to timely discover and consult a doctor.

If you are afraid of cancer, remember – they can be treated effectively in the early stages. So do not put off preventive checkups and screenings. Also, try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If health is all right, and a constant feeling of anxiety, insomnia, apathy has not disappeared anywhere – ask for help to the psychiatrist.

And remember – it is the negative stress triggers many biochemical processes in the body that it start to break down. So try to avoid stress.

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