Another journalistic investigation reveals the unpleasant truth about one of the “servants”

Очередное журналистское расследование показывает неприятную правду об одном из "слуг"

MP from the “Servants of the people” Alexander Kunitsky, which is closely linked to network green gas stations AutoEnterprise filed during the year two bills that directly affect the market of electric vehicles and elektronaradim stations.

This is stated in the investigation Slidstvo.Info.

The company’s founder Dmitry Nikonov calls the Deputy his friend and says that the attitude towards business, he has not.

Although Kunitsky was quoted in the media as development Director of the AutoEnterprise, and received income from related companies. And after election as the Deputy, he initiated legislative changes that market participants perceived as direct lobbying of the AutoEnterprise.

In the end, the bill had to be withdrawn.Nikonov has close ties with the RF. Network Facebook they have a lot in common photo.

Nikonov himself said “Slidstvo.Info” I made friends with a blogger about five years ago.

“I’m just a subscriber had it. It is a serious channel on YouTube. Bribes the cops caught – says the founder of the AutoEnterprise. Then I met him and we ordered is officially his. Then made friends with him. For advertising he has more money did not take, as I recall. Said, “Dimon, well, I’m not for the advertising of electric cars to take over this idea. Can’t for it to take.” That’s all.”

Now Nikonov holds the position of assistant Deputy Kunitsky volunteer, attends the Parliament.

In particular, in December last year, he participated in the discussion of amendments to the bill on customs clearance vehicles, which occurred within the walls of Parliament. This is evidenced by photos from the Facebook page Nikonov.

Advertising AutoEnterprise often appeared Youtube-video, RF, and associated with taxis sported a face like Nikonov, and Kunitsky.

After the election people’s Deputy of the RF personally initiated two bills that directly affect the market of electric vehicles and elektronaradim stations. In particular, in September last year, he submitted the bill “on regulation and creation of conditions for the development of networks of charging stations for electric vehicles.”

Kunitsky later filed another bill – by definition, electric vehicles, charging stations and the creation of conditions for transition to ecological transport until 2030. However, his fate was similar to the first initiative: in February, the bill was removed from consideration.

As noted, “Slidstvo.Info” legal adviser of Transparency International Ukraine Alexander Best, in the fact of submission Kunitsky zakonoproektu no conflict of interest: this time in the Ukrainian legislation is not settled.

However, the close links between the RF, Nikonov and network AutoEnterprise, in the opinion of Best may submit to the people’s Deputy private interest – and hence be a potential conflict of interest.

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