Another lukovy brand was forced to apologize to China

Еще один люкосвый бренд был вынужден извиняться перед Китаем

Company Givenchy and Versace after Coach apologized to Chinese buyers of t-shirts, which depicted the map of China. Thus they responded to demands to boycott their products, according to BuzzFeed.

Givenchy, which on their t-shirts said Hong Kong and Taiwan as independent of China’s territory, chose to apologize to the Chinese social network Weibo. “We apologize for the error that caused user discussions. We need to take responsibility for the admitted negligence. Givenchy has always respected the territorial integrity of China, and firmly adhered to the one-China principle”, – stated in the message.

Coach’s apology appeared on Twitter. It noted that “carelessness” in the design of the shirt was made in 2018, after which the whole party were removed from sale.

Earlier, a similar apology was made by Versace, t-shirts, which is separate from the China territories, was shown in Hong Kong and Macau.

Image t-shirts began to circulate on social networks over the weekend. In Weibo this was followed by calls for a boycott of products from three fashion houses. About breaking contracts with the said companies and Chinese pop star, earlier advertise their products. Among them, the singer Yang Mi, as well as supermodel Liu Wen, which was engaged in the promotion Coach. Last apologized to his fans for “indiscriminate in the choice of the advertiser”.

This is not the first such case. For example, in may the Gap was apologizing for something that was depicted a map of China, does not include Taiwan and South Tibet. Later had to apologize for Asics and Japanese published on its English site map of China without Hong Kong and Taiwan.