Another mass food poisoning at a popular Ukrainian resort: 14 people in the hospital

Очередное массовое отравление на популярном украинском курорте: 14 человек в больнице

Tuesday, February 11, at one of the hotels of the resort village Slavske people were poisoned.

As reported by Lviv regional head office gschs in the hospital Skolovskom area with suspected food poisoning received 14 people, including 4 children.

All patients ate in the hotel restaurant “Rendezvous” in the village of Slavske, write Facts.

As previously reported, on January 28, seven foreign students of the medical University of Ivano-Frankivsk was hospitalized in the regional infectious diseases hospital.

“27 Jan 2020 year 7 students who are studying in Ivano Frankivsk national medical University, was hospitalized in the regional clinical infectious diseases hospital with a preliminary diagnosis “food poisoning”. Patients complained of General weakness, pain in the abdomen, fever, diarrhea… Patients relate the appearance of the disease with the use of pita bread with chicken meat, purchased at a school Sandwich bar on 24 January,” – said in the message.

Among the major violations established in the course of epibrassinolide in the Sandwich bar, the experts called the imported water of unknown origin and the lack of hot water, lack of temperature control in refrigeration and cooking chicken at home and the lack of labeling on some products. Personal medical books of the personnel were also not presented to industry professionals.