Ansel Elgort accused of sexual abuse

Энсела Элгорта обвинили в сексуальном насилии

The star of the movie “Divergent”, “the Goldfinch” and “the Fault in our stars” Ansel Elgort was at the center of the scandal. The girl who preferred to hide his real name, calling himself the nickname Gabby, accused of ater of sexual violence.

As told by Gabi, the incident happened in 2014 when she was 17 years old and the actor is 20. On his Twitter page she wrote that the sexual contact was against her will.

“He didn’t ask me if I want to stop having sex with him, and he knew that it was my first time. I was crying from pain and didn’t want to continue, he said: “We have to “hack” you”, – she wrote.“I couldn’t get away. It made me think that it should look like first sex. I was very young and didn’t understand anything”.

Gabby even gave evidence: photo Anselem where she covers her face with his hand, and screen correspondence from the social network. The girl also said that Elgort offered her a Threesome with his friend-a dancer. Says Gabby, after the case she needed psychological help.

A day after the active dissemination of this information on the Internet Elgort responded to the charges. The actor commented on the incident on Instagram. According to Ansel, the relationship with a certain Gabby was short, and intimacy happened by mutual consent.

“I was shocked that for the last 24 hours is writing about me in social networks. I will not claim that I fully understand the feelings of Gabby, but what she describes is not true. I never on anybody did not attack. The truth is that in 2014, in new York when I was 20 years old, we have Gabby was short and completely consensual relationship. Unfortunately, I have not coped with the separation. Stopped responding to her, and it’s kind of a sign of the immaturity and cruelty. I know that this is a belated apology does not absolve me from my behaviour, when I just disappeared. Looking back, I feel disgust and shame for how I behaved. I’m really sorry. Know what you need to continue to reflect, learn and improve yourself”.

2012 Ansel Elgort is in a relationship with his high school sweetheart, a ballerina with Russian roots Violetta Komyshan.

Энсела Элгорта обвинили в сексуальном насилии

Энсела Элгорта обвинили в сексуальном насилии