Anthony Joshua – the story of a guy from the factory who defeated Klitschko for the second time became the champion of the world

Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua is a British professional boxer, two-time world champion, winner of the Olympic games in 2012.

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He was born October 15, 1989 in Watford, North of London. Anthony comes from an immigrant family. Mother is Nigerian, my dad was Irish and Nigerian roots. A boxer has two sisters: Loretta and Janet and brother Jacob. Most of his preschool life spent together with their parents in their homeland in Nigeria. Then the boy moved to England, where he went to school.

From his childhood grew unruly, often a problem child. Broke his difficult character and an excessive amount of energy. The last young guy primarily used for 2 things: football (to him the young man manifested a real talent) and bullying. Joshua was a regular active participant of street fights. And even more in a certain period contacted local criminals and sold marijuana. After leaving school the young man had not planned to be a professional athlete, worked in the local brick factory.

At the age of 17 moved to London, where he lived with his cousin Ben Leamy who have visited a Boxing gym. The senior family member decided that Boxing will be able to re-educate and to discipline Anthony. But it happened a little differently.

Энтони Джошуа – история парня с завода, который победил Кличко и второй раз стал чемпионом мира

Энтони Джошуа – история парня с завода, который победил Кличко и второй раз стал чемпионом мира

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The guy just picking up a pair of Boxing gloves, immediately began to beat experienced opponents for each other. The only one he could not overcome, was still a kickboxer of Gillian white, who in his debut fight in Amateur Boxing defeated future champion by judges decision (after 7 years, the fighters will fight in a rematch, in which Anthony will win by a spectacular knockout).

A native of Watford for his performances was immediately struck by the majority of British experts and officials in Boxing. Helped him to receive recognition victory over the top even then, the British a fan of Joseph Joyce in the first knockout round.

During 2009-2011, he received the gold at multiple tournaments, including national Championships ABA 2010, 2011 national tournament Goering 2010. A little worse was the case at the most prestigious international competitions: the European championship 2011 and lost in the quarterfinals of the Romanian Nistor Micaiah the knockout in 3 rounds (2 defeats in his career). In 2011, he participated in the world Championships in Azerbaijan, where the competition (many experts believe that without the help of judges) lost to the local boxer Mahammadrasul Majidov decision (third and last defeat in the Amateur ring). It was the final battle, the British got the silver, with the help of this qualified for the Olympic games.

For home games, went in as one of your favorites. In the very first battle together with a strong Cuban boxer Erislandy Savon, who won a close 17-16 decision. In the quarter-finals a little easier was the Chinese Jung Cilea 15-11. In the semi-finals again is difficult, but defeated the giant from Kazakhstan Ivan Wilding no 13-11. And in the finals, got the gold after a hard fight against Cammarelle. At the end of the match, the judges counted for 18 accurate hits on both sides. The victory was awarded to British, not least because of the status of the host, then a lot of fans and experts did not agree with this decision.

Энтони Джошуа – история парня с завода, который победил Кличко и второй раз стал чемпионом мира

Энтони Джошуа – история парня с завода, который победил Кличко и второй раз стал чемпионом мира

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After the victory at the Olympics decided to go straight to professional Boxing. Successfully debuted in this game against Italian Emanuel Leo, who at the time of the battle were undefeated record, consisting of 8 fights. Leo was knocked out in the 1st round.

Next to Anthony began the “bag diet”. With his other opponents in this period include: the British Meta-Skeleton that once was the champion of Britain and the Russian Denis Bakhtov. In the battle with the latest Joshua got his first title – the WBC Intercontinental champion. A 13-fight professional Boxing fight ex-contender for the title Kevin Johnson and was the first who was able to knock out the experienced American. After Johnson won against undefeated countryman Harry Cornish.

Those fights were not too fundamental, the Olympic champion of London was the clear favorite in each of them. The coefficients of the winner was made at a ratio of 20 to 1 or more. The first serious, competitive opponent, the native of Nottingham, became well known to him Dillian white.

Their fight took place December 12, 2015. At stake was 2 titles: champion of great Britain and the British Commonwealth. In addition to titles, Anthony was important to take the revenge for the defeat that white stabbed him 7 years before. The fight itself started very actively. The boxers almost didn’t do the exploration, and immediately started exchanged blows. At the end of round 1 Joshua dealt a blow after the bell which could lead to a mass brawl, however, managed to avoid it. In the second round, Gillian managed to reach a right hook that rocked favorite, but he resisted. After 2 rounds, Joshua began to box more careful, but still sometimes missed quite a nasty shock, although he had done much more. In round 7 of Oluwafemi struck a powerful blow in the head, and then strike the white has lost the ability to navigate in space and was Packed to a severe knockout.

Victory over the white raised Joshua in the first place in the IBF ranking, which allowed us to enter the battle against the world champion in this version of Charles Martin. The American champion did not compete for the applicant. The fight ended by TKO in the 2nd round.

Энтони Джошуа – история парня с завода, который победил Кличко и второй раз стал чемпионом мира

Энтони Джошуа – история парня с завода, который победил Кличко и второй раз стал чемпионом мира

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After winning the title, the Briton successfully defended it in battle with Dominic Brizilan and Eric Molina. And 3 protection was simultaneously a unification duel with the representative of Ukraine Vladimir Klitschko. As we remember, our champion lost to a younger opponent by knockout in the 11th round. The match regardless of future career development of the British remains one of the most important to him. He brought him worldwide fame, recognition, titles and money. If Joshua finished his career immediately after that, he would have already entered the “great rank”.

But after defeating one of the most heavyweights of all time, Anthony continued to write the story. In the next battle he defeated the Cameroonian Carlos Tacoma. And 5 months later, in March 2018 has unified titles in a fight with Joseph Parker.

Their meeting was held in a neat style. Boxers prefer a far distance. Beat mostly jabs. Joshua had the advantage of anthropometry, which was successfully used. Parker’s not much risk, not too focused on the fight. Sad the fight ended by unanimous decision in favor of Joshua. The Australian became the first and the last, who was able to hold out against him the whole distance.

After Parker Anthony promoter Eddie Hearn arranges for his ward fight with Povetkin. Russian was positioned as the top fighter has only lost to Wladimir Klitschko. Indeed, Alexander was able to impose the fight a few rounds, but quickly tired and was sent to the canvas of the ring in the 6th round.

Then the champion decides to take a break, relax a bit, travel around the world. The return was scheduled for June 2019. Planned debuted in the United States against a local man of Jarrel Miller. And last failed the doping control. Find a replacement in the person of the Mexican Andy Ruiz.

At first, everyone was disappointed, they say Ruiz and boxer are not too similar. He looks like a man who’s never been to the gym and missed physical education lessons. What a surprise it was when this plump, with a round face man 4 times he was able to send down athletic as Apollo, the champion from great Britain.

Yesterday we saw a rematch. In which everything fell into place. Joshua proved that he is number 1 in hevewae received, though not spectacular, but a landslide victory on points.

Not married and public relations with anyone there. For a long time had an affair with Nicole Osborne, who is a yoga instructor and dancer on the pylon. Together they had a son Joseph.

Anthony believes in God, but do not belong to any denominations.
An idol among boxers for him – Muhammad Ali.
Several times he was arrested for street fighting and racing on the roads.
In 2011 for selling marijuana, received a suspended sentence of 1 year and 100 hours of community service.
On the right shoulder of the boxer has a tattoo of the map of Africa.